How Do I Fix Wifi Authentication Error Occurred? Top 10 Solutions

Wifi Authentication Error: Have you ever faced any problem regarding authentication error while connecting to wi-fi? If yes, then this article is just for you. Here we are going to discuss thoroughly what wifi authentication error is and why it happens and how to solve the problem. If you are not being able to connect your phone or laptop with your router and an authentication error occurred multiple times, then do not worry at all.

This problem can easily be solved through some different methods with simple steps. So, dig in to find out the solution. But first, we need to know what the wifi authentication error is.

What Does Wifi Authentication Error Mean?

Whenever you try to connect any device with any Router network or personal hotspot, you need to input the password which is previously there or has been customized before. After you enter the password correctly the connection occurs. But sometimes it happens that even after typing the correct password the wifi fails to connect to the internet and this is called wifi authentication problem.

wifi authentication error

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Actually, the wifi function is based on an encryption-decryption process. The password you enter goes to the Router as an encrypted language. The Router decrypts it and compares it with the saved password. If the two matches, then the Router gives permission. But sometimes due to some technical glitch, the whole process fails and the authentication problem happens repeatedly.

There are plenty of methods you can undertake to solve this wi-fi authentication problem. Here we are going to inform you about 13 simple methods to solve a wifi authentication problem.

How to Solve Wifi Authentication Problem?

This particular problem is very disturbing. If you have tried many things but still this error is happening, then follow our instructions and you will be able to get rid of this. The root of the problem can be both your router and your device.


First of all, do check carefully the password you are typing. Sometimes there may be an extra character or a character missing. So recheck your Router password and re-enter it. It may work.

2. Reset Router

Check your Router once. Maybe there is a malfunction happening. You can restart your router by pressing the Reset button on it. You have to press and hold the button for some time so it can factory reset the whole settings. If any malfunction is there, it will be wiped out. As the whole system will reset, there will be no more authentication error.

3. Check on Another Device

The problem can also be in your device. Try to connect another device with the Router network. If it gets connected then your device has some wifi connection problem. There are a few system repair softwares available online that can help you in this situation. These softwares come with guidelines. It needs no particular programming skills but is very easy to use. It gives a permanent solution to authentication errors and many such problems with just a click.

4. Reconnect to the Network

If you have connected with a certain network in past but the same network or router is declining your request now, despite putting the correct password, you need to forget the network and reconnect it. To do this, go to the wifi setting of your device. There will be a history of networks. From there choose the disturbing one. Then you have to click on the ‘Forget Network’ option. Then click on ‘Reconnect’. Hopefully, it will work.

5. Change WPA

Every router has a certain security protocol. It can be the cause sometimes. You can change it to avoid the problem. All you need to do is to change it from ‘WPA’ to ‘WPA2’ or the other way round.

6. Manual Check

If none of these works, type the information in Router manually and try to connect.

7. Device Limit Reached

Your router’s capability to access devices may be limited. If it is crossed then the internet won’t be available and a wifi authentication error will take place.

8. Airplane Mode

One of the easiest and most-used solutions can be to switch to the airplane mode. Be it a network problem or be it a wifi problem, the flight mode works most of the time. The thing is, it cuts off all the networks and connections. Maybe the network is not letting the wifi to connect. So, it can help.

9. Check Network Settings

You can also try resetting the network settings. You have to go to the settings of your device and then to ‘Backup and Reset’. There will be an option called ‘Network Settings Reset’. Press ‘Reset Settings’ from over there and try once again. In this way, all the history and details of the network will be deleted from the phone memory.

10. Update Your Device

You may update the software of your device. Sometimes wifi related problems can happen because your android is out of date. To solve this problem, go to your settings and look for the available update. Update your phone and your phone will restart. Now try to connect it to the router.

11. Factory Reset

Another thing you can do is to factory reset your device. The option is there in the settings. It will totally refresh your device including any authentication error. But the problem with this method is that you will lose all your data and information as well. But you can use Google Drive to store all the data and then factory reset it. Try to connect to the internet, once your phone reopens.

12. Change WiFi Configuration

You should also try changing Wifi configuration from DHCP to Static. First, go to the settings and choose the preferable wi-fi connection. Then go to the Modify Network option. Under the Show advanced setting option there will be the ‘Static’ option. Now you have to note down the Static IP Field Address and then delete it. Now after some time re-enter it.

We hope that these solutions will be helpful to you. Your problem should have been solved by one of these methods. Follow the steps properly and if none of the above solutions work for you, maybe your device or Router has some serious hardware or software related issues. In that case, you should take your device to a nearby service centre for some professional help.

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