Where Can I Buy Stamps? Postal administration/Authorized Vendors

Stamps are small pieces of paper which are only valid if issued by the postal administration or authorized vendors. A stamp affixed to your post will only be valid and be delivered if the stamps are valid and authorized. Thus, purchasing the stamps from a reliable place is important. Stamps issued by USPS are acceptable throughout U.S.A. However, for the convenience of the public, the Postal Administration has made the stamps available in various other places too, starting from grocery shops to online shops. USPS has made it easier for Americans to access stamps whenever they want.

In this article, we will provide you with all the details related to “Where can I buy stamps?”, enquirer by many Americans.

Who Sells Stamps?

It is a myth that stamps are only sold by the USPS (United States Postal Services). You can get hold of as many stamps as you want from various other sources too. For the sake of convenience, stamps are made available in Walmart, Walgreens, Banks, Gas Stations, etc. Stamps are also sold by online vendors such as Amazon.com, Walmart.com and Ebay.

Where Can I Buy Stamps

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There are no extra charges added to the stamps. You get the stamps or books of stamps at the same price as in post offices. However, if you order online, there is an additional shipping charge added to the stamps. All these sources are reliable as they sell stamps which are authorized by the USPS.

Where Can I Buy Stamps?

The sources from where one is likely to get the required type and amount of stamps have been stated before. Here is a detailed description of the places you have to look for to buy stamps:-

  1. USPS (United States Postal Services) – You can consider USPS to be the primary place to buy stamps. You will get several branches of USPS in USA selling stamps. In fact, with modernization it is easier to find the nearest branch. You can use the official USPS site and head to their location page to find out the exact location where the stamps are available. You can enter the zip code, the screen will display the places including groceries or pharmacies where you can buy stamps.
  2. ACP (Automated Postage Centers) – In many post offices you’ll find ACP kiosk. The kiosk is a self service machine made for the convenience of the citizens. You can go to the post office and yourself get the stamps without standing for long hours in the post office counters. It is also useful when the Post office is closed and you are in urgent requirement of stamps. It is easy to find a ACP kiosk if you simply refer to the USPS official site and search for self service kiosks.
  3. Banks & ATMs – Banks are another reliable source of stamps. You’ll find different postage stamps. You can simply go to the bank counter selling stamps with the aid of any bank clerk. Many banks have also facilitated its ATM to sell stamps. Not all ATMs ought to have stamps.
  4. Retail Stores – Many if the retail stores around U.S.A sells stamps. You are sure to find stamps in Walmart which is a famous shopping spot for Americans. Other retail stores such as Albert sons also sells stamps. You will find the authorized stamps at the usual prices here.
  5. Pharmacies – Not all drug stores have stamps. But some famous pharmacies such as Walgreens sell stamps. Their outlets can be found at many locations and are likely to be opened throughout the day. Thus, you can buy stamps anytime you want by stepping into Walgreens or other drug stores such as CVS and RiteAid.
  6. Online Websites – Online shopping is a growing trend now. You find almost each and every item online on various shopping apps. Stamps are no exception. You can make it to buying stamps by simply ordering stamps on Amazon or Ebay. You can find authorized and various types and designs of stamps online. They will be shipped to you on your address. You can also make use of websites of Walmart or Walgreens to order stamps.


Having a proper knowledge of the places to buy stamps can save a lot of your time and effort. Not only you get to order stamps online but have also so many options of store where you can purchase stamps by simply walking into the store. Purchasing stamps is much easier now with advancement of technology and also a USPS allowing other vendors to sell stamps.

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