What is CQA Test App? Easy Solutions to CQA Test Problems

CQA Test app or Certified Quality Editor is an Android system managing app. In most of the cases, you will find this app in-built. Motorola, in particular, has this app in it inherently. It runs in the background panel without creating any interruption in the main functions of the phone. But sometimes a notification can pop-up. Basically, you can not directly uninstall the app as it is an integral part of the manufacturing system.

In this article, we are going to inform you about this app. The CQA Test app does smoothen and propel the system of your Android but at the same time, it creates certain problems. If you are facing some problems regarding this app, you will find the solution here. Also, you can find out how to access CQA test on your device. This app improves the performance of your phone in many aspects. Let us first see what are the basic implementation of this app in the phone.

What Does CQA Test Mean/CQA Test Meaning?

What is CQA Test App

The full form for CQA Test is “Certified Quality Auditor”. This is a certified app to maintain a certain standard or quality of the system of Android. It will solve the various issues, glitches, shortcomings and make the system software stronger.

What is CQA Test App?

“Certified Quality Auditor” app is to diagnose the functions and performance of the Android. It works silently and usually does not make any disturbance. Nowadays, in some android versions, the CQA Test app is being used as an asset to monitor the detailed system information of the Android set. It does not consist of any personal info so there is no scope of trespassing. The manufacturers use this app as a quality monitoring app.

What are the Utilities of CQA Test App?

The CQA Test app is certainly a very useful app that is already inserted in the Motorola phones and some Android phones by default. There are a lot of use of this app. CQA Test basically makes sure that the system works up to the mark. And consequently, the overall performance of the phone will be elevated.

The audio, video, loudspeaker, headset, microphone, torch every individual function will be filtered through the app. The developers utilize the app to keep the system performance under surveillance and make it better.

How to Access CQA Test App on Your Phone?

  1. To find the App type in your keyboard *#*#2486#*#*. Four options will appear on your screen.
  2. CQA Menu Mode
  3. Sequence Mode
  4. Model Assembly Mode
  5. MMI Test.

By using this menu mode helps to test the audio, display, screen sensor, FM, Sim cards of the device. Similarly, other functions can also be checked.

Problems of CQA Test:

Normally, this app is meant to help the developers to check the quality of the Androids’ system silently. It acts in the background without affecting any other functions of the system directly. But sometimes the app creates some problems like

  • Slowing down the system and the device
  • Network issue, the phone network can shift into the flight mode.
  • Battery percentage on the screen goes missing.
  • The lock screen does not show.
  • The camera does not open
  • The home button stops working even after hitting several times.

If you are facing such problems, you can try out the following solutions. It might help.

Simple Solutions to CQA Test App Problems:

Before trying any of the following solutions we will suggest you to make a backup of all the important files, documents, videos and photos that you may loose accidentally. You can keep them in a pen drive or SD card or Hard Disc.


To get rid of any technical glitch or system problems including the CQA Test problems you can do one thing that is Factory Reset. Go to the Setting of your phone and then to the backup and reset option. There you will find the factory data reset option. Click on it and your phone will be reset. All the problems will be gone. But keep in mind that each and everything of your phone will be deleted in this method. So, make sure that you have a backup.


Force stop the app to stop the unwanted problems and glitches. Follow the steps.

  1. First, go to the Setting of your device
  2. Then hover to the App Management section.
  3. Open the ‘Show system process’ tab.
  4. The CQA Test app will be under this option. You have to select it.
  5. Then click on the ‘Force Stop’ option

After reading this article we hope that you have got a clear concept of the CQA test app also the related problems that you may come across. You can not uninstall the app because you won’t find the app itself anywhere but using the methods you can stop the problems.

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