How Do You Get a Blue Check on Tinder? A Step by Step Guide

Tinder has brought forth a brand-new feature in 2020 to give its users a new feature meant to enhance safety and authenticity. This Safety measure is taken by Tinder in collab with another app called the Noonlight. Now if you use Tinder you will have to go through a verification process and if all the lines meet, you will be declared as a verified account holder with a blue check on your profile.

Tinder blue Check

In this article, we will be informing you about this blue check and also the verification process on Tinder. If you are a subscriber of Tinder and looking for your perfect match, this article will help you to proceed further. Because Tinder is gradually and eventually making this photo verification and safety process an integral part of itself.

Few Words About Tinder:

Tinder is a matchmaking and dating app. It searches other profiles based on your preferences and your geolocation. You can also like some profiles after seeing their intro. If your profile matches with someone, you two will be able to connect with each other. You can exchange texts with the consent of both and eventually share a beautiful and healthy relationship. Tinder is the most popular and most subscribed dating app. It is especially popular among the young generation. Presently, it has more than 5 million users who are putting their trust in this app every day.

That is why Tinder is attributing this new safety measure. It will make the app even more trustworthy and secure for anyone. With this blue tick mark, you will be able to identify if the person’s image and information are authentic or not.

How Do You Get a Blue Check on Tinder?

It is very easy and handy to use the Tinder app. Similarly, the new verification process is also very simple to go through. Follow the below steps to get a blue check on your profile on Tinder.

  1. Open the app and tap on your profile icon.
  2. There will be a grey check mark over there. It means you are not verified yet. The moment you get verified; this check mark will turn into blue. Tap on that checkmark.
  3. A model will show a pose and you have to imitate. Click your picture in that very same pose.
  4. Now, click ‘Submit for Review’ option.
  5. Repeat the last two steps once more.

Now, if your pose is intact and your profile picture and recent picture are of a single same person, you will get verified and there will be a blue tick on your profile.

How Long Does it Take to Get Verified on Tinder?

To get a verified profile on Tinder, it may take a few minutes. The process is not at all lengthy but you have to follow the instructions closely in order to make it quick. Follow the model’s pose closely or else you may have to repeat the same thing many times and that will be definitely time-consuming.

Can You be Verified on Tinder?

If you have opened your Tinder recently, you may have seen some of the profiles with a Blue Tick mark on it just as we see on celebs’ verified Instagram or Twitter or Facebook handles. It is the same for Tinder. But the only difference is that in Tinder anyone can be verified and have that blue checkmark there on his or her profile. It is just the token of authentication that Tinder will give you after you pass a checking process. Tinder is managing this very difficult task with the help of Noonlight. It is a very trustworthy software dedicated to assure the safety and security of such apps.

What Does the Blue Check Mark on Tinder Mean?

If you see a blue checkmark on the flipside of someone’s profile picture, it means that the person in the profile is not fake. If someone makes a match with you or if you choose someone on tinder, you should look for the blue check on their profiles. It will make your safety space wider. This Blue mark actually means that the information and the image you are exposed to, are real and can be trusted. Thus you can choose the right person and save yourself from any fraud or catfishing.

With the verified profile feature Tinder is now a safer space for you. You can now go for your match without any hesitation of being cheated. Nowadays there are many cases you will see internet cheats. Especially in such apps like tinder, you have to make your pace after thinking multiple times. As a lot of people have already invested their trust in Tinder, that is why it has made itself clime a step further towards the domain of safety and security by introducing this feature. We hope that our article has helped you to get a clearer concept about this blue check on Tinder.

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