How to Upload Reels on Instagram? How to Find Reels on Instagram?

It has been just a few days till Instagram has launched the latest feature called the ‘Reels’. Already it has turned into a very popular and frequently used video-making platform. Through Instagram, Reels is bringing forth thousands of people and their talents. Now Reels is the new way of creating and discovering short and entertaining videos. Since the Indian government has banned the popular video making app Tiktok, many brands are launching similar types of short-time video making apps. Instagram which is already a very popular and familiar app has also introduced a new feature where you can take videos, edit them, add music just like Tiktok and upload on your Instagram page.

How to Upload Reels on Instagram

The Reels is a brand-new addition to the Instagram family and hence the proper guidance for using it is needed. In this article, we will be informing you about how to find reels in Instagram and how to upload your own reels on your page.

How to Upload Reels on Instagram?

The Reels is basically an option on the Instagram camera. To make short videos on Insta you have to open the camera and then slide to the Reels camera. Before you start shooting, you may choose a song from the Reels library or you can use audio clips of your own. Once you tap the recording button, the recording will start. You can use different transitions, slow motion effect or merge multiple clips but all of these can not exceed the limit of 15 seconds.

Once you stop the recording, you can use effects, filters by using the tools on the screen. For trying the effects, just swipe left. Now you have to post the video, with a catchy caption and you are ready to conquer the world of entertainment. If your account is a private one, your Reels video will be visible to your followers only. And if you owe a public account or a business account, your Reels video will appear in the Explore tab with other Reels users’ videos. Thus millions of people will be able to see your Reels and appreciate through comments and likes.

How to Find Reels on Instagram?

If you have an updated version of Instagram, finding Reels are quite simple and easy. Here we will be telling you a few ways to watch Insta Reels.

  1. You can simply go to the explore tab and tap on the Reels video icon, where you will get all the available Reels. The most popular ones will appear in the first row.
  2. While scrolling down through Instagram, try to find out a reel video of the people you follow. There will be a Reels’s sign in the bottom left corner of the video. Click on it and you will be re redirected to the Reels page.
  3. If you are finding the Reels of a specific person, you may visit his/her profile and go to the Reels section.

If you want to see your own reels, just go to your profile page and click on the Reel icon. All of your Reels videos will be under that.

We hope that at the end of this article, you are now well acquainted with Instagram reels. There should not be a problem while finding others’ reels and uploading on Instagram as well. Practice will eventually bring about perfection. At the initial stage, the whole procedure seems a little confusing and complicated. But now you know how to do the Reels. Editing plays an important role in making such videos. But with Instagram Reels, it is very easy to edit videos. Your videos will look like a pro. So, if you have not yet used these Insta reels, you must go and check it out.

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