How to Skip Ads on Hulu? Easy Guide 2021 Updated

How to Skip Ads on Hulu? If you are a movie freak, then you must have Hulu on your device. Hulu is one of the top movie streaming apps, that is especially popular in America. It streams movies on a subscription-based mode. But this app has one con that can be very disturbing and annoying. Yes, you are right, that is Ad. If you have used Hulu before, you must have faced this problem multiple times. A movie is repeatedly interrupted by unwanted advertisements. And this can totally ruin the impact of the movie. Now the question is, ‘Does ad-block work on Hulu?’

The answer is yes. If you are also fed up with the ads on Hulu, don’t worry anymore. We are here with a very useful and easy solution, rather say more than one. The ads of Hulu can be blocked or skipped by following some methods. Here we will describe the various process that will work as an ad-block on your Hulu account. Continue reading to know the details.

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How to Skip Ads on Hulu? 

How to Block or Skip Ads on Hulu: It is not possible to directly stop the ads of Hulu. But you can definitely block or skip them with the help of some third-party apps. Here are the names of a few such apps and how to use them to block Hulu Ads.

how to block ads on hulu

ABP/AdBlock Plus:

With Ad Block Plus the ads of Hulu can be blocked. This app actually works as another browser plug in. It does not block or skip the ad but replace it with another blank screen. Instead of the ad you will see just nothing on your screen at that time. If you are ok with that, then ABP can be the one for you. AdBlock Plus may not let some of the movies play. It kindly blocks the movies occasionally.  But no worries. You can simply disable AdBlock Plus while watching that particular movie.

Enounce My Speed:

Enounce My Speed is an ad-blocking software for Hulu and other such apps. With its help you can avoid the ads of Hulu. It does not skip or block the ads, instead, fast forward it. As a result, the time span of the ad reduces. It is better to watch a shorter ad than watching a full length one. It won’t be able to remove the ad totally but will cut it short by fast-forwarding it. This app is not free. You have to choose a plan to use the service. But before that, you are provided with a one-week free trial.

Hulu Plus Service:

The latest Hulu Plus service is best for you if you do not want to see the ads in between the scenes. It is a special subscription mode for Hulu users. In the Hulu Plus mode, you get an almost ad-free streaming service besides other interesting features. Though some special ads by the sponsors are still visible it blocks almost all the ads. If you are lucky enough, after taking Hulu Plus plan, you will not see a single ad on Hulu.

The Hulu Plus plan charges a little more expensive than the normal plan, though it is worthy.

Reloading or Refreshing the Page:

This trick may help you. If after spending some time on Hulu you come across a lengthy ad, just reload the page. By doing this you can avoid the 2- or 3-minutes lengthy ad. But you have to see a shorter 30 seconds initial ad. Still, it is better. This technique won’t need any side apps to do the work but you yourself can try this on Hulu.

On Smartphones – Blokada

If you are using Hulu on Android or iPhone and want to block the ads, then try out this method. Install the Blokada app on your phone. This is a third-party app which blocks unwanted ads on Hulu and such apps.

Goodbye Ads by Jerryn 70 is another such app compatible with smartphones.

Brave Browser:

Brave Browser is another browser plug-in which blocks all the ads and unwanted cookies on Hulu app.

Web Filtering

If you do not want to make a purchase or download any third-party apps, you can try to do the web filtering process. This will probably filter out the ads and give you an ad-free experience.

More or less these are the methods you can go through to get a smooth, uninterrupted time on Hulu. We hope that after reading this article you will be able to block or skip those ads easily. The annoying ads and pop-ups of Hulu app can be partially or totally dissolute if you follow our ideas. You can either go for the premium Hulu Plus or try out these apps and tricks to block and skip Hulu ads.

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