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With the advent of modernization enabling easy communication, the use of stamps have drastically decreased. However, many people still rely on postal services to send letters or packages to their near and dear ones, living in some other part of the world. The use of stamps is still evident in sending mails or letters. Without stamps, you cannot get your mail delivered. A common question that arises is ‘How much is a book of stamps?

For those, who often avail the postal services, it is better to have a book of stamps rather than moving out every other day to buy stamps. In this article, we will let you know everything related to a book of stamps: What is a book of stamps? How much is a book of stamps? Where can you get a book of stamps?

What is a Book of Stamps?

You first, need to be clarified on what is a book of stamps? It is basically a booklet where you get one or more panes of stamps. It is enclosed within a cardboard cover so that the stamps remain unharmed. There are 20 stamps within the booklet. The price is quite affordable too.

how much is a book of stamps

The USPS is the authority which produces the stamps in form of booklets. The perforation makes it easier for the stamps to be teared out. You can also have a customized book of stamps in which you can get different designs and themes. You can choose from 60 different designs. All the first class stamps are of the Forever category, meaning, you can use them forever for standard shipping of your mails.

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How Much is a Book of Stamps?

New postal rates have been implemented by the United States Postal Service (USPS). As of 2019, the book of 20 First Class Mail Postage Stamps ranges from $9.80 to $ 11.00. The rates vary due to a number of factors which includes – the place where it is being sold, the mail class and the type of mail to be sent.

Forever stamps are the most popular kind of stamps used by Americans. Forever stamps are valid for all the standard shipping. Having a book of Forever Stamps is really helpful if you are one who avails the Postal services daily. A book of Forever Stamps comes in different denominations ranging from 20 to 1000 per book.

If you buy a book of stamp including 100 pieces of stamps, it becomes cost effective. If you calculate, you’ll understand that you pay less for every single piece of stamps. For instance,  a Forever book of stamps containing 20 stamps costs $10.30 , while a Forever book of stamps containing 40 stamps would cost you $ 15.85.

The rates however fluctuate but one thing is assured that if you buy a book of stamps, you save money.

Where Can I Buy Book of Stamps?

After deciding on the type and quantity of stamps you want to buy, you have a plenty of options from where you can get your book of stamps. The books of stamps are made available online too. You can buy book of stamps from Postal services’ office, office supply stores, pharmacies, gas stations, banks and other financial institutions, popular grocery stores such as Walmart and also in pharmacy stores such as Walgreens. You can order your book of stamps on Amazon too. Here is a detailed description of the sources of book of stamps:-

  • Book of stamps on Amazon:- Shopping on Amazon can be advantageous as you may get special discounts on book of stamps. There is a shipping charge imposed on your purchase but that is completely worthy as you have your desirable book of stamps delivered to your doorstep.
  • Book of stamps in USPS: United States Postal Services shortened as USPS, provides you with all the types of stamps you want in form of booklets. You just have to walk to the office and purchase the book of stamps at the usual price ($0.50 for each forever stamps).
  • Book of stamps in Walmart/ Walgreens:- Both are extremely popular throughout America and are reliable sources of purchasing book of stamps. You can save your time by purchasing your stamps along with groceries or pharmacy items without running separately to the Post office.


A book of stamps is worth purchasing. It has your stamps secured within an cardboard covering. It is quite easy to use. If you purchase individual stamps, you always have a chance of losing them. Having them at a same place makes it easier for you to remember. You also have your money saved by buying a book of stamps. You can procure your desirable book of stamps both online and offline at your preferred destinations. Simply, buying a book of stamps is better than purchasing individual stamps every now and then.

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