How Many Stamps Do I Need? For Letters, Posts, Packages

Over the years, stamps have gained more and more importance in spite of the advent of e-mails and other online delivery services. Even in the age of social media, there are people who are still dependent on letters and postcards. For such people, stamps are extremely important. It might be said that stamps are the key ingredients that make transferring of letters, posts, packages, mails, etc. happen.

In this article we will cover the topic “How many stamps do I need?” elaborately with systematic elaboration on other related sub-points which are important for you to know before getting into the depth of the main topic.

What are stamps?

The stamps are extremely important in today’s world, especially in developed nations such as U.S stamps (or postage stamps) are small pieces of square or rectangle shaped papers issued by the Postal Administrations of each nation under the directory of government rules and regulations.

How Many Stamps do I Need

The stamps carry meaning and cannot be reduced to a mere facilitator of communication through postcards, letters, etc. Stamps are of different varieties, each enduring an exceptional meaning. Stamps attach significance to a mail, letter, post card or package. In U.S, it is a compulsion to use stamps on your letters or anything which you want to be posted to the other person at the other end of the nation or abroad.

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How Many Stamps do I Need?

“How many stamps do I need?” is a very common question asked by Americans. Well, you do not require all the types of stamps. The requirement mainly depends on various factors. The exact number of stamps required cannot be foretold. It depends on certain domains such as :-

  • The type of mail item
  • The size of the mail
  • The weight of the package
  • The class of the item

The factors affect the number of stamps required on a specific mail/ package. Let us see how.

  • Standard Mail – For a standard mail, you do not require many stamps. Only a single Forever stamp will be enough. A Forever Stamp costs $0.50 and is useful for mailing letters, greeting cards and other paper items which weigh less than 1 ounce.
  • Standard Mail outside U.S.A. – You need to use a different kind of a stamp for this purpose. A single Global Forever Stamp at $1.15 would be enough.
  • Envelopes of Standard Size – The standard size determined by the postal administration are 9” by 12”. Such an envelope would require a Postage Stamp affixed to the top right corner. The Postage Stamps cost around $1.00. However if you use manila envelope, you require two Forever Stamps.
  • Envelopes of larger than the Standard Size – It is always better to be on the safe side by measuring the size of your mail with a scale or a measuring tape. For larger packages, stamps are generally not used in U.S.A. Remember that 9” by 12” is the standard size.
  • Packages – Postage Stamps are required for packages consisting materials other than paper based mail. Only one Postage Stamp is required if it weighs less than 12 ounces.
  • Per ounce – With an increase every ounce of the package, there is an increase in the requirement of the number of stamps. It is better to measure the weight of the mail if you think it is exceeding 1 ounce. The exact weight will determine the number of stamps required. Mostly, Forever stamp is considered ideal for such a package.

It is always preferred that you refer to the factors influencing the number of stamps required. Ideally, you can buy one Forever / Global Forever Stamp if you are to send a small letter with an envelope of standard size. But if you want to mail any package containing letter with envelope exceeding the standard size, you need to get extra Forever Stamps. For heavy packages, you should buy Postage stamps. You know your exact requirement when you have your item weighed.

Remember to make sure you use the right kind and type of Stamps. Or else, the post might be returned to you.

Why Do I Need Stamps?

Before deciding on how many stamps you need, you should know a bit on the significance of stamps. There are several kinds of stamps. We are specifically taking into consideration, the postage stamps. Besides, the previously existing role of stamps, there are some additional roles rendered on them. We have listed out its major significance point wise. Have a look at the following:-

  • The postage stamps carry monetary value. Having a stamp on your mail basically means it is prepaid and that the payment of postage is done.
  • The postal officials put a postal mark on the stamps signifying the date and point of origin. This helps a lot to secure the delivery and in case it gets lost.
  • The mail is only processed by the postal administration if the mail carries the stamp.
  • It promotes bilateral trade with other nations signifying the nations’ heritage and identity.
  • The stamps carry promotional images of the postal services.

Having a stamp on your post / mail/ letter renders it as being valuable and recognized by the national agencies of postal services. Precisely, the stamps validate your posts and have them safely delivered to the place you mention.

How Many Types of Stamps are there?

You have a variety to choose from when it comes to selecting stamps. But all are not meant for a specific purpose. All the stamps have different meaning attached to them and has varied functions. But all of them have some common things included in them. Those are – Name of the issuing nation and a Denomination of its value. It might also include images of people, institutions, natural realities, etc. One can also opt for the special and customized stamps based on certain rules.

Roughly there are 30 different types of stamps and may be more that are readily available as they are the most demanded ones. Some of the stamps are – airmail, booklet, carriers, local post, office mail, postal, specimen, war tac stamps and many more.

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