Does Walmart Sell Stamps? How Much are Stamps at Walmart

Stamps at Walmart: Americans know the best place to shop is Walmart which is the largest market place in US.  Walmart is as famous as any other online shopping sites such as Amazon and can be considered as Amazon’s strong competitor. Walmart has gained business success as it provides all the everyday products at many reasonable prices. It sells almost everything and stamps are no exception. Besides, the post office you can manage to buy various stamps at Walmart too.

Walmart has a unique service of providing necessary items both at its stores and online. You can order your stamps online or go yourself to buy them. In this article, we will give all the required details you need to know about buying Stamps from Walmart.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps

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Does Walmart Sell Postal Stamps?

Yes, Walmart does sell postage stamps at their stores. You can buy at the nearest Walmart Store as well as their official website. To buy stamps at Walmart just ask the clerk at check out for a book of postage stamps.

Walmart Super centers stores that are open 24/7 should have stamps right at the cash register, so when you check out you can request a book of stamps from the clerk which should be $10.00. In the past the stamps were kept at the Customer Service center, so if the clerk does not have any stamps in his cash register, go to Customer Service to buy a book of stamps. Some Walmart stores have ATM machine dispensers that will sell 1st class stamps.

Yes, Walmart is authorized by postal services to sell stamps. You can buy stamps from your nearest Walmart store.

How Much is the Price of Stamps at Walmart?

The cost of stamps at Walmart is no higher or lower. It maintains the standard rates as that of US Postal rates. Of course, you cannot have all the stamps at a specific rate. The cost of the stamps differs depending on the type and the number of stamps you want to purchase.

For example, if you are mailing a standard sized letter, you will require spending only $0.55 for one Forever Stamp. Similarly, if you buy one Global Forever Stamp it will cost you $ 1.20. For a Postage Stamp, the cost is $0.55.

The above-mentioned prices are the same as that of any postal office. These three stamps are widely in use. For other stamps, the cost remains the same as Postal rates. Before buying stamps, it is recommended that you know exactly which stamps to buy and how many, in order to avoid overpaying.

In case, you are a Stamp Collector, you will find each and every kind of stamps in Walmart. Stamp collection is fascinating and many Americans have it as a hobby. They are likely to collect stamps from the Walmart stores which has a collection of stamps of various types and designs.

Where to Buy Stamps? – At Store

Walmart stores are a perfect place to find stamps. But you might get baffled with the idea of finding out the right store for your need. To simplify your worries, we are here to let you know about the right places in Walmart where you can find stamps.

The Walmart Money Center or Customer Service Desk is the exact place in Walmart where you can find different types of stamps. Walmart also has several outlets all over U.S.A. You can find stamps there as well.

The Walmart MoneyCenter or Customer Service desk is open between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. make sure you arrive at the right time to get your stamps. You not only can buy single pieces of stamps but also can buy books of stamps.

For the sake of customers’ convenience, Walmart has also facilitated its customers to locate a particular store using the Walmart website. You can use the Store Locator to find Walmart Stores near you.

Where to Buy Stamps? – Online

Finding a Walmart Store selling stamps and then walking up to there can be tedious for you. For those who do not want or have time to go and buy stamps from the store can resort to the Walmart Online store. It is easier and less time taking.

You can order your stamps online and they will be shipped to the given address within a few days. Many Walmart Stores might not have all the types of stamps available all the time. In that case, you can always trust Walmart Online as they have a greater collection. You can select the required stamps and order them. You can pay using your debit card or credit card, PayPal, etc. A minimal amount will be charged as a delivery charge or the shipping cost.


Buying stamps from Walmart is safe and convenient. You do not have to walk to the Post office separately. You can shop your stamps while you go for shopping for other domestic things. It saves time and energy. Also, with the Walmart Online, things are more convenient and faster.

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