How to Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio | Simple Step by Step Guide 2021

If you are a hardcore gamer, you must have been acquainted with the application called Discord. You must have also come across a common problem, that is, Discord Screen Share No Audio. It is a common complaint coming from gamers frequently. The issue has been addressed and in this article, we will let you know how to resolve the problem.

In this article, we will be providing a number of quick and easy steps, which would help you to fix the Discord Screen Share No Audio issue at your fingertips. Before moving into the greater details, we will in short describe the Discord application and the probable causes of the issue- Discord Screenshare No Audio.

Discord Screen Share No Audio

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How to Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio 2020?

The latest developments and introduction of the new features in an application is likely to have many potholes and bugs too. The problems need to be addressed as well as resolved. The Discord Screen Share No Audio issue can be resolved if you follow these tips mentioned below:-

1st Tip: Grant Administrative Access

Discord Screen Share feature involves the usage of many resources from your pc. It means the application would require access to various other resources from your pc. If they are disabled, the Discord is likely to face problems in functioning well. What you can do is to open file explorer by pressing

Windows+E > Navigate to the directory where Discord is installed> right click on the apk > select “properties” > click on “compatibility” > select “Run this program as an administrator > press “apply”.

2nd Tip: Restart Your Computer

The conflicts caused in the functioning of Discord might be due to the running of several other applications on your computer simultaneously. It is better to refresh by restarting your computer.

3rd Tip: Update Audio Driver

As stated earlier, corruption in the audio drivers might be the cause of this issue. Therefore, updating them is a better option. You can easily have them updated for free from Pro version of Driver Easy.

4th Tip: Add Your Activity

Sometimes due to the heavy running of a number of features via the Discord, there might be an error in detecting your activity by the application.

In such a case, you can go to the settings on your Discord Application > Click on “Games” > Click on “Add” to add the application in which the audio issue is occurring. The problem is likely to be resolved. If not, you can use the other tips.

5th Tip: Use the “Push Talk” Feature

Discord has a switch to push talk, which means you can manually push a specific key so that the audio is captured and eventually be transmitted to the other person.

6th Tip: Update/Reinstall the Discord

Updating means to be upgraded to the latest features and improved quality of an application. Any issue can be fixed if you are using the latest version of the application. Similarly, on updating the Discord on your computer, you can solve the Discord Screen Share No audio issue.

What Causes are Discord Share Screen no Sound?

Despite all the above features, users have reported the issue of Discord Screen Share No Audio. Let us look into the causes of this. All the listed errors might result in the cause of Discord Screen Share Audio not working:

  1. Defective Audio Drivers: The first probable cause behind Discord screen share no audio issue might be very technical. Like every other sound applications, the Discord application also makes use of the already installed audio drivers. Corrupted audio drivers might result in this problem of no audio by discord screen share.
  2. Use of inappropriate applications: A few applications may not work well with Discord. The applications may not match the algorithms of the Discord application and cause eventual problems in the Discord Screen sharing process.
  3. Inbuilt audio feature problem of Discord: In the initial versions of Discord, the sound feature was faulty. The application was updated to resolve the prior faulty sound issues. If you are still using the older version, you are likely to face the no sound issue while using Discord Sound Share feature.
  4. Antivirus problems: Antivirus software may cause damage to the Discord application. Your Discord application might require you to disable the Antivirus to be working properly.

Besides these four common causes, a few other causes of the Discord Screen Share No Sound are unavailability of administrative access, no proper route for Discord to transfer voice, incompatibility of the stream and a few others.

Discord Screen Sharing Feature on Discord Application

The Discord application has emerged as a popular application as it enables easy communication during online gaming and streaming. It basically acts as the Skype apk, for online gamers to help them coordinate and communicate with each other privately through video and voice calling features. It has also got a chat room with a message board and VoIP chatting system.

Discord Screen Share is attributed to be one of the useful and powerful features of the Discord application, added in August 2017. This special screen sharing feature enables you to share your screen with your fellow gamers by enabling them to view your screen and eventually interact with it. The Discord is an all-in-one application which does not require any support of another software or extension to avail all its features to the users. Through the Discord Screen Sharing feature, you can avail of many more features such as Sound sharing, swap from screen share to video, video marquee, etc.

Final Thoughts

You are likely to solve the discord screen share no audio issue all by yourself if you follow these simple tips. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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