What is Acresso Software Manager? How to Uninstall?

Many Of you must have faced a glitch while using your PC regarding an error that asks you to update you some certain files or connect to the Internet. The reason for this can be a software name Acresso Software Manager Agent. This app automatically gets installed while you install another app named Nuance PDF Reader. Here we are going to discuss briefly what Acresso Manager is and if it is safe to keep it or not.

Some software is meant to run in the background of your computer. Acresso Software Manager is such a kind of software. Let’s see what is the exact function of the Acresso Software Manager agent.

What is Acresso Software Manager?

Acresso Software Manager Agent is a background software by Acresso Software Inc. The core function of this is to update other software. It works with an active Internet connection. If any update is available, first it will send a notification and then update.

Acresso Software Manager

Sometimes, without asking for permission, it starts the updating process automatically. Acresso Software Manager is neither an in-built system software nor a separately installed one. It comes in pair with Nuance PDF Reader. Nuance has built this default software to give its users regular updates. This software is activated reflexively when you start up the windows. You will often find this Software in your system with another name, issupm.exe.

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Is Acresso Software Manager Safe?

There is no serious threat to keeping this software. It has no such involving function that can harm your PC but to update other software. But as it is using your Internet, it may consume a lot of data. The continuous updates may sometimes slow down your CPU and thus the whole system. Also, whenever you disconnect the Internet it will ask you to reconnect through pop-up and error messages which can disrupt other programs. So, it is better to get rid of it as it is of no significant use.

How to Uninstall Acresso Software Manager?

It is safe to uninstall the software. In no ways, it does affect any other programs of your system. Moreover, it drops down the speed of your PC. You can uninstall it directly by uninstalling the Root, which is the Nuance PDF Readers. Or there is another way. You can disable the ‘Run-On Start Up Window’ apps from the Task Manager.

How to Fix Acresso Software Manager Error? In case you have to keep the Nuance PDF Reader, you can “Uncheck” the “Automatic Web Update” box from the settings and the Acresso Software Manager will be disabled automatically. Follow the below steps to uninstall it from your device.

(Start ->Control Panel ->Programs -> Programs and Features ->Double Tab on Nuance PDF Reader -> Click on Uninstall)

  • First, go to “Uninstall a program” tab in your PC and find out Nuance PDF Reader.
  • Uninstall it from there and the Acresso Software manager will be deleted on its own.

If you have to keep Nuance PDF Reader you can follow the below steps.

  • Open Nuance PDF Reader.
  • Go to its Menu.
  • Go to the Help section.
  • Tap on the ‘Nuance on the web’ option.
  • Uncheck the ‘Automatic web update’ option.

You can also stop the Acresso Software through the Task Manager where you have to make sure that the Acresso Software manager is not in the list of applications which runs on automatically while the system boots.

Acresso Software Manager is third-party software. It does not at all affect the other software or make any inferiority. But it can create disturbance and loss of performance by continuously sending notifications. In that situation, you can readily uninstall it. And if you want regular updates, you can leave Acresso Software Manage, as it is.

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